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I am a student at the New York Film Academy working on my final film.

I am looking to shoot a scene of my short film in a hospital room. I only need a room with a bed and a door. I was hoping you could help or even direct me to someone who could.

my story is about a young man and his grandfather. the grandfather passes away (of old age) and comes back as a ghost to "say goodbye" to his grandson.

The film will be 8 minutes long, on black and white 16mm film and silent.

The scenes to be shot in a hospital room are the following:

-The young man enters the room and walks over to his grandfather, laying in bed [one long shot and two close ups]

-The young man enters (on a different day) to an empty bed. (his grandfather passed away) [two medium shots and one long shot]

as you can imagine this won't take very long, including set up: 4 hours at the most. 2 minimum.

I have a crew of 6 people total, including myself and 2 actors. I could cut it down to 4 if you needed me to.

I can provide proof of insurance from my school (The New York Film Academy)

I will give credits at the end of my film.

We are looking to shoot this scene for either the 21st; 22nd or 23rd of july

I would really apreciate any help I can get

please feel free to contact me for any further information

My e-mail is [email protected]

Again, thank you

suzanne4, RN

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You can start by contacting the public relations departments in some of the hospitals in your area.

Good luck................

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