filipino nurse in France


i am looking for a filipino nurse in france...

i am a filipina college nursing student, here in the philippines,

Im post this hoping that you might help me find anyone there in france working as a nurse, a filipino/filipina nurse in particular who can be my interviewee in one of my school projects.

i hope a "Filipino'" can help if you got to know anyone who is a filipino nurse there in france is it okay if i ask for his/her email add where i can send my questionnaire....:nurse::bowingpur

suzanne4, RN

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Be aware that you may not get many responses to this post of yours. In order to be able to get licensed in France to work as an RN, the nurse would have had to pass the language exams before they could take the written exam, and both in French. Very difficult for many to do.

And France has had a hiring freeze the past few years if the nurse does not have an EU passport.

So you may find it difficult to find many from your country that are working there and know about this bulletin board. If others that are from France can help you, then please just let us know.

Best of luck on your project.

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