Basic guidelines on how to become an RN in the states.


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Hi everyone,

It has been a year now since I passed my NCLEX examination and I could not be grateful with the experience and privilege. I'm writing this article as a guide for those nurses who obtained their nursing education in the Philippines and are confused on what are they going to do and so on.

First, if you have been considering of having a good career in USA the first thing you need to do is to set your mindset. You need to have that motivation so you can in vision yourself for long term , asking yourself, "Why you need to do it?" is important. I always believe that having a SENSE of PURPOSE is very important in every decisions or choices you will have.

Second, You need to CHOOSE the STATE which you plan to be Licensed. If you do not have an SSN, go with the easier states that does not require SSN ( Social Security Number) for you to sit the exam. In my experience, I chose NMI ( Northern Marianas Island) it is practical and with less requirements. After all, you can just reciprocate your license or endorse it to other states. Other states if you do not like Marianas are, ILLINOIS, NEW MEXICO, NEW YORk, TEXAS . But again, each state has its own set of requirements so IT IS BEST TO GO to their STATE WEBSITE to get detailed information. T

Third, after you have chosen your STATE comply with the requirements, BOOK for the TEST. ( It will give you the motivation and would challenge your deadlines)

Fourth, know your learning strategies if you can learn more on your own or going to a review centre. I did not go to a review centre and just do a self review of my own for 2 months, and that worked for me. I did hundreds of Question and Answer everyday to gauge myself and my knowledge which is VERY essential in NCLEX.

Fifth, Take the exam and claim it . The Computer is random and it would analyse your knowledge accurately by throwing you more questions on your weak points. S

Sixth, once you are done with the exam DO THE PEARSON VUE TRICK AFTER 24hrs. (This is 100% RELIABLE). CONGRATULATIONS for PASSING, USRN.

Now, what happens after you pass?

I would say, take your IELTS, get a good score although for US they ONLY require you to get 7 in SPEAKING but i would suggest for your future reference it would not hurt if you get a OUTSTANDING REMARKS in IELTS and who knows you might want to apply in UK whilst waiting of your AMERICAN DREAM.

After you pass your IELTS, find an agency to sponsor your VISA SCREEN or sometimes they sponsor IELTS fee too. Some agencies are, Health carousel, COX health ( just google it). Once they start accepting your CV they will work hand on hand with you PROVIDED that you have Bedside experience.

Once you received your PD ( Priority date) your up to go and just wait for your visa screen to be released and you are up to go. Be PATIENT. It is better to wait for something that is for long term than waiting for NOTHING AT ALL. You can work in HEALTH INSURANCE company that employs USRN for you to save money for your requirements and license renewal or get a good IELTS score and be a Nurse in UK or Ireland for a while whilst waiting for your PD to be current.

Nevertheless, whichever option you will pursue just bear in mind that your purpose is to settle in USA for greener pasture.



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