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Figuring Out Fall Schedule

BMarieee BMarieee (New) New

Hey everyone. I'm trying to figure out my fall schedule and was wondering if you had any suggestions for me. I'm currently at a community college finishing up my basics. This semester I'm taking anatomy, chemistry, and a theater class; I'm also planning on taking physiology this summer in an 8 week class.

In the fall, however, I am transferring to a four year university. The only classes I still have to take before I can start the nursing program are microbiology and nutrition (I already took a 1300 class but I need a 3300 class). I also have to take pathophysiology and nursing concepts/theories before I can start the nursing program.

Up until this point, I had been planning on taking all four of those classes this fall and hopefully starting the nursing program next spring, but now I'm starting to second guess myself. It seems like a really heavy load, but if I slowed down I would only be taking two classes a semester and universities are so expensive that is almost doesn't seem worth it. Also, pathophysiology and nursing concepts and theories has to be done the semester before you start the nursing program so I'm not sure if I could take them in the spring or if I have to take them in the summer.

Any suggestions from people who have been through this before? So far I'm an A/B student with a 3.55 gpa. I have been driving an hour just to get to class four days a week and working part time up until this point, but in the fall I wouldn't be working and I would be living on campus so I would have more time on my hands. Thank you!

I don't think you will find anyone who would say taking anatomy, and any other science class is a good idea. These are tough classes, and unless you are a science guru, you will struggle, and need to study 100 times longer and harder than any other class. Taking a science class in the summer is murder as well. I wouldn't do it. Just think if you take these classes all together and then get overwhelmed and get a bad grade it ruins your chances of ever even getting into nursing school. Better a semester, or even year later than never! Good Luck