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your field of nursing..

Specializes in Renal/Hemodialysis.

Just wanted to hear some inputs regarding this and the following matters.

- Do you still have some time for yourself after work? Do you still have your social life?

- Are you compensated well? (Well, I know most of us are not, but are you happy with what you're receiving)

- Is there continuous learning on your field or there comes a point that you feel like you've learned ALMOST (not all, this ain't happening I know) you need to learn on your field.

- Are you considering a shift of area (like from MS to ER, etc.)

I think this post should be placed on the General Nurses forum but I would like to hear from Filipino nurses. Most of the posts from the "Nurses" tab are from the US.

Why ask these right? Just feeling like I'm burned-out. I'm still in the early part of my career and there's just this feeling of "I'm done". I don't know if it's just me or every nurse will feel this at some point. Just like what I've read from a post here, I think I need a mental health day!

Blabbering post, my apologies. I know many of you are concentrating to find posts regarding trainings and job openings. I just needed to vent out. Heard and read so many "hang on in there" and I've said them myself to others but I just feel so drained, and bone-tired and exhausted..and so many more.



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