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Our agency will be going to salaried field nurses next week. We are running a minimum patient load of 5 daily but actually most of us are carrying 6 to 8. I am driving 500 to 800 miles per week. Currently we have RN for insurance authorization and 2 Intake Coordinators. The company that has taken over management has eliminated these positions at their agency so we are sure our company will be forced to change to this pattern in the near future. We also had an RN who was responsible for all of the coding. Her position is eliminated and the field nurses will also be responsible for coding. Needless to say I see no way I will get this done in an 8 hr day. I left a management position because of working 60 to 70 hrs per week. Afraid I am looking at that same scenerio again. Is the a common experience :crying2: :crying2: amoung agencies through out the country.

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Having been through what your experiecing 4 times now/been laid off 6 times due to mergers/buy outs etc/ I feel your pain.

I have done what your doing before. High mileage/salary/etc. Might want to look at working elsewhere as your right your week time is going to increase and your money won't.

If you are not trained in coding don't do it. If done incorrectly since it is a fiscal job in nature, you could be coding wrong which could lead to allegations of fraud. I say this with much caution for you. It is not something any joe blow can do. If your going to do a foot down on something/this would be it.



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