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FGCU Spring 2015 BSN

kjutras kjutras (New) New

Hi I was wondering if anyone is on here and has applied to FGCU's Spring 2015 BSN program?


Specializes in med/surg/ortho/hospice/telephonic. Has 25 years experience.

I was actually just searching for the date my daughter would hear something when I came across this question. My daughter has applied but no word yet. She told me we would be receiving a letter in the mail sometime by the end of June or first of July but no word yet.

I applied for this program as well and have not heard anything. I think the last day to receive letters is the 27th.

I applied for Spring of 2015 as well and haven't heard anything! They said it could take up to 10 weeks though.


Specializes in med/surg/ortho/hospice/telephonic. Has 25 years experience.

Thank you! We did clarify and it will be 8-10 weeks from May 15th so sometime in the 2 weeks. I've running out getting the mail everyday! Good luck!

I figured that we probably will not get them until later next week...I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't alone! Good luck to everyone!

Also I will be new to the area and if I get in I may be moving to ft myers in August if anyone is looking for a female roommate!

I got accepted! If anyone else has gotten in or is still waiting feel free to post! Also if anyone is looking for a roommate to get an apartment with let me know! I am new to the area and don't know much about the fort myers area or good places to live.

Congrats on getting in kjutras! This was my second time applying and I still haven't heard anything. I called yesterday and the secretary said that they are sending out letters in groups....... 0_o ????? I've never heard of them doing that and everyone I know has already gotten their letters. In any case, I will have to wait until after the first week of August to hear my fate when the director gets back from vacation. It's killing me!