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FGCU Fall 2017

Application period is opening soon for Fall 2017 program. Maybe we can all share in the journey together!

Hey Everyone! I applied for Spring 2017 and Fall 2016 and didn't get into either. This is my last hoorah, hopefully it works!

right now I'm sitting on a 3.4 and my TEAS was an 84%. I retook one of my pre-reqs so hopefully that helps my chances

I am applying for Fall 2017 as well! I have a 74.7 on my TEAS with a 76 percentile rank and a 3.8 GPA this is my first time applying and I am not sure what to expect. I am in the honors program and I am really hoping that I get in.

Hi!! Their acceptance is all over the place.. so its hard to tell what will get you in and what wont. But you're scores look great and your GPA is awesome. So you have a really good chance too.

I'm just praying that mine is enough

When do their results usually come out?

typically... I've noticed people get their letters either last week of March, or beginning of April. Depends on the committee

Your TEAS score is really good so you have a good chance. I have recently run into problems regarding Nursing CAS and hope they can be figured out as the deadline has already past.

Thanks :) I hope its enough...My rank is 87th percentile.

I'm so nervous

Thats an awesome percentile!!!

I also applied for the 2017 fall term. I got a 74 on my teas and have a 3.5 gpa. I hope this will be enough for me to get accepted! Good luck everyone!!

Your GPA is excellent and your TEAS is very good too:) I think you have a great chance as well.

YES! Goof luck to everyone! I'm counting down the days till we get letters

Hey! So I am literally in the same boat as you! I got denied twice for fgcu the same application periods as you. I'm so nervous now. I have read your other posts from other applications and we had about the same TEAS score but you had a higher g.p.a. I'm worried I won't cut it.

I retook a prerequisite, my g.p.a. is 3.4 and my Program percentile is 90. I don't know what I'll do if I don't get into FGCU Or FSW for that matter. Does anyone have any inspirational stories to share to calm my nerves?

I applied with a 3.25 GPA and a 78.7% (85 percentile) on my TEAS. I'm super nervous because I took an 11 year break from school, and transferred to FGCU to finish my prerequisites. I started back last semester and got a 4.0! I'm older now and I hope they can see that I can still handle the work load and succeed. The waiting is terrible, but will be worth it if we get in! Good luck!!!

Oh Hey! Buddies! Well you passed me up this time, I really hope you make it in! It's been really frustrating to be denied from the last semesters. Honestly, I think I'll bow out after this application period if I don't get in :/

I'm praying for the best, the end of March is coming fast


Age doesn't matter! As long as you have the passion and drive for it, I think you'll be fine :)

Currently freaking out.. we should hear something this week or next. Has anyone been in contact with FGCU nursing department??

I'm definitely freaking out í ½í¸± I haven't heard anything yet... no email of when to expect letters to go out either.

Hey everyone!!

I have a 3.5GPA and at 80% on the Teas. My percentile rank is 88. I am not sure if the percentile rank is a factor they look at? But i am soooo nervous! Goodluck to you all!

your program percentile rank is 88%?

I just talked to the nursing advisor, she said letters should be sent out soon, but that she hasn't received decisions from the committee yet. So she doesn't have an exact date when we should expect them.

Yes... is that good? Are they looking at that?


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