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Felony on my record-what's the next step?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I'm currently a CNA and I have a possession charge from 2007/2009, it's a felony and I am seeking to get this matter resolved so that I can get back to working. I've called and emailed the circuit court where the charge is and they are telling me I wasn't charged with anything or that it's with held adjudication. I don't have the funds to get it expunged what should be my next step?

Dear Next Step,

For the best advice and help, you really need to contact an attorney. If adjudication was withheld, you may be able to get your case sealed.

Held with adjudication means you are not convicted- even if you are guilty. Some states allow judges to make this ruling. Typically it's offered to first time offenders when the judge feels they are not likely to commit the crime again.

There are definitely benefits. Some employers are only interested in convictions. You do not have to report a conviction on an application, although if it specifically asks "Have you ever been charged with a crime?' you would have to answer yes.

A withhold of adjudication means you will not lose your civil liberties as a felon, such as voting.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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