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Hello! I am born in Raised in NJ, but I have been living in Oahu for the past few years, and I am now a resident and can go for state tuition. I applied to Felician College and got accepted with a small scholarships so I am pretty much thinking I am going to attend. Otherwise I would take my chances getting into Community College Nursing program in Hawaii. LOL!~ though choice! Does anyone know anyone who went to Felician College in Lodi for Nursing?

Typing this fast and I’m not proofreading this so I am sorry for the typos..

I attended felician for the past four years and just recently graduated this may and passed my boards about 2 weeks ago. If I was you I’d stay as far away from NJ as possible!! lol, but if you decided to go to felician this is what I will tell you. No matter where you go you will find something to complain about and nursing students are generally well known for doing just that. But anyway.. You’d be on the Lodi campus for classes which does not have housing. so you would be living on the Rutherford campus and would need to take the felician shuttle bus to Lodi or have a vehicle.

Selecting nursing classes on your own is kind of limited since the school makes a good deal of the schedule up for you. The nursing staff is generally older in composition, but they recently added some youth that's trying to improve the program. However a decent portion of the current "older" staff is very competent and knowledgeable.

The workload can be a bit overwhelming and compassion for the students seemed a bit lacking, but overall nothing that would be consider inappropriate.

The library really sucks, but they brought in a new director that is making some decent changes and trying to improve it, so credit must be given. But to be honest, if you have a lap top you'll never need the library.

On the Lodi campus wireless internet sucks and felician is certainly well behind many other schools with technology. there isn’t online registration, though that should be up and running soon, computers are old nursing supplies in were critically limited when i was there and the technology in the skills lab was also a bit outdated.

The school is very very expensive. You are looking at about $100,000+ for your 4 years and I’m not sure it's worth it to be honest. i had a good experience there, but not a $100,000 experience.

The security on campus is poor and their effectiveness during an unforeseen crisis would be catastrophic. Lighting in the parking lot is very poor and the pavement is also poor in the lot as well. Parking spaces are limited in which people are forced to park on the grass or in fire lanes. The lodi campus floods massively as videos on you tube would indicate and the college is known for their horrible snow removal and ice removal. Walking from your car to the main building is always risky.

Well, there’s so much more I can say but I gotta go for now.. Hope this helps!!

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