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Feeling so unprepared for an interview!


i finally have a second interview after months after months of searching for a job! IM SOOOOO NERVOUS. I researched about Silverado and read bits and pieces. Only questions I prepared for are Why do you want to work here and Tell me about yourself questions. Also a bit of situational questions that I practiced for my first interview back in May I believe. For my first interview though they asked me questions that I don't know at all but I thought I managed to answer them well but I just don't have enough experience. And obviously I didn't get a call back from them. SOOOOOOOOOOO GUYS I feel so nervous and unready. I practice a lil on my medication calculations too like the dose over what you have x volume. trying to remember conversions also. what else do you think I should do?! :[ so scared!!! any tips?!?!


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Oh goodness, don't worry about doing med calculations! They won't be asking you to do math problems in an interview. I'm assuming your a new grad, so they will expect you not to know very much. But do know why you want to work there,what your strengthes and weaknesses are, what type of enviroment you want to work in, situational questions (If your pt called out with chest pain what would you do?) how you handle stress, confrontation.

Be polite, professional and try to relax! I know its hard.Tell them your really want the position, if you do and bring a prepared list of questions to ask them. Make sure it is a good fit for you and that you'll get the orientation you need.