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Feeling unfulfilled as a nurse

by Msfancy Msfancy, LVN (New) New Nurse

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OK, so I started my career in the medical field as an MA. I was one for a while and was having an OK experience but was feeling like I had more potential so I decided to become an LVN. I transitioned immediately after becoming licensed at the same facility I worked as an MA. Of course taking on a new set of responsibilities. Anyway, I have been working as an LVN for about 4 years now but I do not have longevity at any job because I constantly feel like it's not a good fit so I end up leaving and getting a job in a different specialty. I am still unhappy and not feeling like I am loving my career or job so I find myself just wanting to quit and not renew my license but I have been in the medical field for so long that I wouldn't know what other career path to choose. I do not feel comfortable vocalizing this to coworkers so I figured this platform would be a good place to vent. Maybe I can get some ideas? Anybody else in a similar situation? Appreciate any replies and good luck to everyone!


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Do you think that perhaps it’s time to transition again...to RN? There are more doors to be opened as an RN.

I dabbled in quite a few areas in nursing before ‘they’ started limiting what LPNs (LVNs) could do; and I was very content with that title for well-over 20 years. Although nursing was never my choice (long story), times were different. Healthcare was different, and the LPN license paid the bills.

The was economic crash in 2008-2009 is was forced me back into school. Although nursing can be very stressful, I have had some paydays where I’d look at my paycheck and think, “WOW!! This is mine?” Other days, I’d look at it and think, “I know they don’t think I’m gonna keep doing that for this!” But, I’ve been in it so long, any other entry-level career path and salary is not worth the change for me.

I must say that my most rewarding area of nursing was my time as a surveyor/investigator for my state’s community health department. It gave me a brief interim from bedside nursing, and I got my second wind. But the pay SUCKED compared to what I was used to, and after two years, back into Acute Care/Med-Surg I went. It is what I know and is the only area in a hospital setting that I’m really comfortable with.

If the community health department ever decides to adjust the salary to match the credentials requested, I’d return to it without a second thought.

Just weigh your options, especially if higher education is gonna be part of the plan. Figure out what it is you REALLY want to do.