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I am a second year student in a 4-year program. Sometimes I feel like giving up! It is so difficult. I am taking 17 credit hours, working 25 hrs. a week and trying to keep the house together!

Am I the only one feeling this way!

Any suggestions on time management?

I really want to be an RN, and I'm sure I won't give up, but I am feeling so stressed!!!!!!

Any feedback would be appreciated!


Boy do we all know that feeling....I am first year w/ 6 six kids, 7 if you count my husband....I wish I could really help w/ great time saving advice but the only thing i really have to offer is my empathy and as a nursing student we all know how important empathy is suppose to be..haha...The only way i could do it was to take all my general ed course first so now all i have left are my clinicals which is enough. If you can manage doing that its a big help from what i hear other students saying. If you just need someone to whine to please feel free to email me at KKandDBo@ aol.....maybe we can share helpful hints...otherwise hang in there and just say goodbye to any other part of life til your done.....(smile!!!)


Give up on the house!!! It will be there when you are done.:D Really, when I started I tried to keep my house perfect and I finally told my family I quit!

I cook and make the boys clean up. I wash and dry the laundry but folding only gets done if I can do it.

School, is demanding so just do what you need to and let the rest go!!

When my wife and I were both in school we ate on paper plates, used plasticware, paper cups and napkins, had a maid come in at least twice a month to clean (well worth the money and we couldn't really afford it), any little thing we could find to shave off even a few minutes per day of time spent on ADLs.

Just don't give up and quit. Also exercising heps your stamina and attention span. I used to read my notes into a tape recorder and then listen to them with a Walkman while I was on the treadmill or riding my bike. Be creative!! Just don't give up and don't quit.

I know what you mean. I am a first year nursing student, however I have had 2 years of college before now. It's really hard. I work full time and am taking 15 credits. Next week I have 4 tests. Thank god where I work we have volunteer stay home days or I would be sunk. I don't really know what to say as far as time management. I feel like all I get done is work, sleep( and still not enough) and some studying. I have yet to find the perfect answer to my problem. All I can say is thank God for giving me such a good boyfriend to help me out around the house!

Good luck with your program!

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