Feeling lost; from new grad at the hospital to PDN

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OK so I'm gonna try to make a long story short. I graduate last year. Worked in a Med/Onc unit for about 6 months as a new grad. I took on a lot of roles and was on my own within the first month (whereas most of the other new grads ended up having a month-2 months more of orientation). I pushed to have more time and was left with little additional orientation. Fast forward to the end of my 6 months I was burnt out from short staffing and taking on far too many patients that ranged from ED over flow, post op, and oncology patients. It was a lot to handle but I managed until I felt entirely burnt out and my mental health tanked. 

After a month I found my place doing private duty nursing. I work with one family and their kid 3 nights a week. The job feels... too easy now after 8 months. I miss parts of the hospital setting with constantly learning new skills and diseases/issues I had only learned in the books, but at the same time I don't think I'd ever go back with the initial experience I was given. 

Ultimately I'm concerned about my future career as a nurse and what opportunities I'll be able to get with my experience and especially staying in private duty nursing where everything has become mostly routine. Would love either feedback or pointers for next steps that I could try for. I just don't really have any other nurses to talk to while doing the work I am currently doing. 

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How about hospice? Challenging, and you'll always be learning. Or home health, you will have more than one patient and you'll be learning other disease states. 

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Yeah that could end up being a better change of pace! I'll look at PRN options in my area so I can test the waters. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I know my "short summary" was long so I appreciate it 

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