feeling like im not going to make it

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i just need some incouragement, my body and mind is just exhausted, im a new nursing student does anyone have have any good suggestions



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Just know that it is overwhelming for everyone in the beginning. Don't throw in the towel yet. You will find a routine and schedule (for studying and everything else) and get more comfortable. In the beginning you are getting a lot thrown at you at once but you will adapt. Take it one day, one test at a time. If I think about everything I still have ahead I would be thinking the same thing. However, if I break it down and think, "Can I get through this skeleton system test?" (just some sort of question like that) then it's much easier!



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I know how overwhelming and exhausting nursing school can be! I just finished my last LPN final last week and graduate next Friday, and believe me, there were many times I truley believed this day wouldn't come :)

First, take a deep breath and relax! You CAN and WILL do this :) I remember hating the beginning of nursing school. I knew I wasn't going to drop out but simply hated it. I received a pep talk from my cousin who is an Orthopedic Surgeon, and she told me..."This is a marathon. Not a sprint." You need to give it your best and then let it go. You must take time for yourself and believe me, I know this can be hard!! I always feel like there is never enough time! But you must do things for yourself so you don't get burnt out and so overwhelmed that you throw in the towel.

It will get better!!! Just take it one minute (literally) at a time. You can only do your best and that is all anyone can ask for :)

I'm rooting for you!! Keep your head down, your mind focused, and push on through...there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Good luck :)