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Feeling kinda dumb

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So, I'm a new grad in my first nursing job. I am in week 4 of a 6 week preceptorship on a busy M/S unit. I am at the point where I am delegating responsibilities to my preceptor and juggleing the load of pts by myself I can ask for input/help along the way if I feel like I need it. Long story short, had a pt with abd surgery, SP 48 hrs, day 1 of my shift she was up, walking, talking, and doing well, day two of shift she was in bed with severe N/V. I was only able to document 1 emesis of 50ml, the others pt's family member flushed before I could measure it so just documented " multiple episodes of emesis." Notified surgeon of change in condition, surgeon had written an order to DC fluids, dc foley to get pt prepped for discharge. DC'd foley but asked surgeon to cont with fluids as new N/V had developed during shift, also asked for an order for Phenergen, which surgeon reluctantly agreed to. The last day of shift surgeon is making rounds and writes an order to DC fluids, surgeon states that a "50ml emesis was not reason enough and ask to continue fluids." I went back and looked at I&O from previous shift and output was around 825 with fluid intake of 1300 on IVF during shift. Talked to my preceptor and nurse manager about it, both agreed the condition change was worth a call to doc at the very least...why do I feel like I just made some huge dumb mistake! I'm kinda dreading having to see this surgeon again, I feel like I made such a big deal out of nothing!

Ok...vent over!

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