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Feeling discouraged

mandyn mandyn (New) New

Hi everyone,

I am finishing up my first semester of nursing school. In clinical I am doing great, but in class not as great. In my program passing is 75, but I keep getting 74 test averages. I feel like I have studied so hard and have tried different study techniques. I have tried flashcards, making posters, writing key information by hand, and doing practice questions. I have emailed and met with my professors several times. No matter what I do, I feel like I keep coming up with an average/below average grade. I am feeling so discouraged and ashamed. I feel like others in my program are doing so much better than me. Advice on how to do better in nursing school? My program uses ATI and I would specifically like to do better on those tests. Thanks!

1. Don't compare yourself to other people. "Comparison is the thief of joy" - it's true.

2. Try the app RN Mastery - really similar to ATI style questions (it's free).

3. If your school offers practice tests, do them, and do your focused reviews over and over. Do the skills modules, watch the videos, do the case studies, do the quizzes.

4. Use your ATI book - do the short quizzes at the back of each section - and read the rationales, even if you got them right (so you can make sure you understand why you got it right).

5. Do practice questions until you hate yourself, then do some more.

Thank you! I am working really hard and even though I'm not perfect I'm proud of myself. I am definitely going to use your tips!