my feedback on the HESI pre-nursing entrance test


I took my HESI nursing entrance test last night, my complete application was posted at 6:02pm!

I'll share my experience with the HESI entrance test.

The entrance test is called HESI and seems to be a popular choice among nursing schools and CCs. I ended up accidentally taking it cold- maybe not the best plan lol.

**We were told we could turn in our applications anytime between 2/1 and 2/14 AND we were told we could take the HESI anytime before 2/26. What I didn't know, is that applications are held until the HESI is completed! So, the whole idea of being one of the first apps in the pile would be undermined if I didn't do my test- on the spot!**

There were 11 sections with 25-55 questions each, time limit of 5 hours. The school requires an entrance score of 80% on each section. (rut-ro)

Section 1- Math. I'd call this section easy if you are solid with measurement conversion. Only up through basic pre-algebra, but TONS of US and metric measurement conversion questions (Gal, pint, kilo, oz, etc) I'd say at least 20% of the exam. 50 questions, I scored 98% ( I only missed 1). Some were fill in the blank, mostly m/c.

Section 2- Grammar. I hated this section with every bone in my body. 50 questions written in negatives. Which is not.... These are right except.... Which word makes this wrong (majority were this type). All m/c. Then there were a few trick questions like this- My cat's name is Sam .... My cat's named Sam. I scored a 98%

Section 3- Understanding Reading. Just like analyzing and interpreting literature CLEP but nothing in old English lol. About 25 m/c questions I based on short paragraphs. I scored 90%

Section 4- Reading Implications. I didn't see much difference in this section than section 3. About 25 questions I think. I scored 100%

Section 5- Reading Conclusions. I remember taking this thinking that the conclusion choices were terrible, clearly reflected in my score lol. There were 3 essays and multiple questions about each. I scored 85%

Section 6- Meaning Word Use. These were easy. Mainly homonyms, all m/c. 55 questions. I scored 100%

Section 7- Reading Comprehension. About 5 essays with 47 m/c questions. I scored 94%

Section 8- Anatomy and Physiology. I didn't take this section, not required by my college. 55 questions m/c

Section 9- Vocabulary. Word use in a sentence Imply vs inply and then anatomy positions. (anterior/posterior/dorsal/etc) 55 questions m/c. I scored 96%

Section 10- Chemistry. I didn't take this section, not required by my college. 40 questions.

Section 11- Biology. 25 m/c questions. My worst score- 76%. In sections with so few questions, missing 1 too many (in my case) may have cost me my application. I needed an 80% here. So, I must have scored 19 when I needed to score 20. If I had study time, I would have spent it here- but I'm not totally sure that I would have scored too much higher- maybe a few points. I took bio 2 years ago, and while being in my second semester of anatomy and physiology helps, there was a lot of non-human bio which gave me trouble. I'd say 76% was an accurate reflection of my knowledge.

So, overall- I'd say this is an endurance exam. It took everything I had to stay calm and focused for so long. A few times I wanted to rush through a section because the questions were annoying and the contrast on the screen was bothering my eyes- but the questions in the general areas were easy for someone with college level reading/writing ability. Like any test, take your time to read the passage and understand the question.


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Wow! Thanks for the thorough evaluation! I am going to be taking it within the next few weeks and have been soaking up all the info I can on this test. I appreciate your insights. :)


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Wow! Thanks for the thorough evaluation! I am going to be taking it within the next few weeks and have been soaking up all the info I can on this test. I appreciate your insights. :)

One thing I forgot to say was about the sections. When I read the feedback here, a lot of people were worried that they would be asked questions on a section that they were told not to study. I want to put your fear to rest.

When you sign in, someone at your school will log you in and open the test screen. At that point, you see a drop down screen of all the sections and exams. Your school will tell you which tests to do and which ones not to do. So, maybe your school only requires Chem, AP, and reading. (or whatever). So, from the list, you click on the test you are to take. (chem for example) Then, when you are done, it automatically gives you your score and takes you back to the homepage with the list of subjects. If you need another test (AP for example) then you click on that and go to work. You keep going until you have done all of the tests your school wanted.

When I finished, I called over the testing worker and showed her my homepage, I said- I just want you to look at my list to confirm that I didn't miss any tests I needed, and she said I did the right onces (confirming that I didn't need a few) and then she printed out my paperwork and sent it onward.

You'll get a section by section score as well as an overall score.