Federal Stafford Loan


OK, to sum events up into a short summary...I've been working Customer Service for years. It's definitely not my forte. Lately, it hasn't been at all and where I'm working, they aren't working with my schooling. There's a lot of favoritism going on and other things among other things. I actually had put in my two-weeks and they begged me to retract it and that they'd only work me weekends. I said sure. Well, I get the new schedule, and they also have me scheduled Monday and Tuesday...when I went to the manager, I got this reply "It's our only obligation to not schedule you during your school hours." Really? So they're just going to mess with me the entire time I work there from now on. Frankly, I put in my two-weeks for a reason. Plenty of reasons. I still live at home, no obligations of bills...I only have to pay for gas, car insurance, school...

So, I went to my financial aid office to discuss my student loan. I've already finished the counseling exam and my MPN, just nothing has been done from my school's end. They told me they will not be answering anything dealing with student loans and hope to get to them by next week...school starts next Tuesday.

I have some savings accumulated...but not exactly enough to last me this semester with gas and other costs, but my main question is, am I guaranteed a student loan? I'm a Sophomore. They estimated that after Pell and Hope, I will have to still pay $90 out of pocket...I have that in my bank, but my concern is, is there any way they could say I do not qualify for a federal student loan? *first time dealing with loans, if you didn't notice* :D

Thanks guys! I'm mostly just looking for stories and reassurance. My school has made me nervous for the fact that they haven't even gotten to it yet, and it being next week before they're saying they will get it done...when classes start next Tuesday, and the fact they wouldn't answer our basic unanswered questions. There were a lot of confused/angry students up there today...LOL