Fear of the Uncertain


Does anyone have those moments where they just wonder what the heck they got themselves into? There are moments when I'm so excited to become a nurse, and other moments where I'm afraid of the outcome. Will I find a good nursing job and will the economy get better? Will I be crazy in debt and not be able to pay it off? Will I be able to get 3.5-40GPA to get into these incredibly competitive second degree nursing programs and even then still be put on 2 yr. waiting lists? Do I postpone the rest of my life (having a baby) till my 30s in order to get a 2nd degree? Why am I taking so many risks??? Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm still sticking to it...


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Yes, yes, and YES. I know completely how you feel. Now that I've finished my pre-reqs, not a day goes by without me wondering when I'll get in, worrying about if I don't get in (and if I do...), if I'll like it, if I'll have time to dance once I'm in the program... the list goes on and on. Sometimes I think that everyone feels confident and excited about nursing except for me. We just have to tell ourselves that things will unfold naturally. Everything is in God's hands. Just keep focusing on what's in front of you now, and things will get done. Best of luck to you x


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I think that we all feel that way, every day. The economy is hurting everyone. Just hang in there and hope this blows over. I am basically betting everything that I own that it will work out.

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