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Fastest, cheapest Rn to MSN online program

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Hi there. I live in alabama. I have an associate degree in nursing. I worked as an ortho and labor/delivery nurse with overflow med/surg patients for 4 years.

I am finding that that I would rather be a nurse manager as well as teach nursing school. For this reason, I want to go back for a masters so I can apply for these positions.

I work very well independently. I prefer to attend a college that is completely online. I need to take out student loans to pay for it.

Move heard horror stories about some colleges being too fast paced, many long research papers etc.

Can anyone give advice in 2018... what is the cheapest, fastest, online school I could attend to achieve this degree without the school being a horror story. Thanks


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Try looking into UOPX

University of Phoenix

Adn-msn they have many sub specialties for msn

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