Famu Spring 2015 Applicants


Hello Everyone! My name is Shante. I know it's quite early to start a thread for Spring 2015 Semester, but I wanted to reach out to other applicants. I applied for Fall 2014 and received a call for an interview but unfortunately I was not one of the selected 50. So I am Reapplying for Spring 2015. Although I have been through this process before I am still kind of nervous all over again, but I'm excited and want to hear from you guys so that we can go through this stressful process together :)


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Shante!! I'm ready to start this application process once again!


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I just applied for Spring 2015 too ! I am really nervous because I have heard everyone saying that they have tried twice and still did not get in. I just hope that I do. Have you heard back about an interview yet?


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@Beulaira Yea i know hopefully this will be my time now, and yes I received a phone call yesterday to come in for an interview.


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I just got a phone call as well

Goodluck !


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Hey, I applied to FAMU for this spring 2015 semester. I was wondering what questions they asked during the interview.

Awesome, Good Luck to you as well


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Everyone that progressed to the next semester , how did you study for Bronsons class ? What do you recommend?