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I think I'm getting the understanding of how time consuming CRNA school is going to be. Maybe some of the women can answer this question for me. I am 23 and RN and married. By the time I finish my BSN and chem requirements I will be 25 and (hopefully) accepted and finish CRNA school at about 28 years old. WHAT ABOUT HAVING KIDS? I know that you should not plan to attend if you are starting a family. But you know the time is ticking for some people!! In those two and a half years, what happens if you do get pregnant? Do you drop everything and have to start all over. Or do they let you start up again where you left off?


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I am not attending a CRNA school but I know that kids are (unfortunately) a burden to your education. I have 2 and I had to postpone my education until now when I am 36. I still have 1 year to go to get my BSN but it was my choice! I chose to have children vs. going to school. Even now I need a lot of support from my family and relatives, and sometimes I struggle to get good grades... And my chlidren are 7 and 14, they are not babies any more but FINANCIALLY and time wise I was not ready until now to attend college.


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My are young, get your education and career going first. There is plenty of time for starting a family when you are a CRNA. It is very difficult to go back to school when you have a young family (trust me!) CRNA school is tough enough, but the added stress of trying to balance family life and school can be overwhelming. It can be done, but it is more difficult! My opinion.


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I have a son who is 4 and am planning on going back to school full time and it is very hard. I only take one or two classes a semester because he does not do well when Mommy spends more than a few nights out of the house a week. It is defiantly possible to do school with kids, but it makes it so much harder. I am constantly juggling my responsibilities, wants and needs. I thought before I had him I could keep on going on the plan I had laid out...I did not really realize how much a child could affect you and your thinking. I have had to drop a class last fall because he was so upset with my schedule. It set me back a year to applying to my 2nd career BSN program. Before I had him I knew I would always want to work, no matter what his age. I did not realize until he was here that I would want to spend so much time with my son. If I had another child, I would not want to be locked into a demanding school or work schedule. So to summarize, you can go to school while having young children, but it creates a whole new level of stress.


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I've seen some students that were pregnant their 1st or 2nd year in CRNA school and succeeded. However, I dont know what their support system was or how crazy it was for them. They could have had alot of family in the area, ect. But I can say they always seemed calm and 'had it all together' to me. What I found impressive was that they were able to bring their babies in when they had to take exams and was provided an adjunct room so that they could breastfeed too!! I personally could not handle studying with a cute newborn near me or at home, I would have too much separation anxiety.

So I guess it would depend on the individual and how flexible the program was. This program would not allow you to go part time though so there again dont know what they did to keep up right after having baby. One girl was back in class one week after having a baby!

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The first years of your childs life should be with a parent. It would be best to get your schooling done, then as a CRNA you can work 1-2 shifts (18-24 hours) and be with your children the rest of the week. That would be having your cake and eating it too!

PS: I just finished a 24 hour shift, not bad!

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