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Family Nurse Practitioner in Army Reserve

Unakadh Unakadh (New) New

I was just wanting to reach out to fellow 66p's Army FNP's out there to see what you are or have done as a nurse practitioner in the Army Reserve? I'm new to the Army and have not reported to my unit yet and just have the basic job description to go on. It looks like a very exciting way to give back to a country that has given me so much!

What did you do as an FNP if deployed?



I am planning to join army reserve by the end of next year. I have 5 years of RN experience, and will have a year towards my FNP by then. I did talked to AMEDD but he didn't had a concrete answer. With the amount of experience, what rank do you think i would start off. I am also very curious about the question you have posted. I bet you must have known a lot by now. Any input would be great.

Thank you

jfratian, MSN, RN

Specializes in ICU. Has 8 years experience.

It depends on whether or not you have an MSN or DNP and whether or not your RN experience was full-time or part time. If I had to guess, I would say O-2 if some of your experience is part-time and/or you have an MSN. O-3 if you have a DNP and/or your experience is all full-time.

I worked full time as RN for five years. I recently graduated with my master as family nurse Practitioner. I want to work at least a year as FNP before i join.