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hi everyone,

my husband, me and my 4 month old daughter will be moving to las vegas in 2months time. could anyone pls recommend an apartment or area with a safe environment fit for a family? we need to rent at the moment coz the house we will purchase will need to be built n will be ready to move in in 6-7mons time. pls pls pls... anyone?

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Hi, I don't have any specific names of apartments that are considered 'family friendly' but from my experience (I've lived here for 8 years and rented 3 different apartments before purchasing my condo) all the apartments I rented were family friendly. I would recommend the Henderson/Green Valley area or an area around Summerlin and not just because of what I've heard. I've actually spent 4 years in Green Valley and now live in the Summerlin area and both places are relatively safe. I say 'relatively' because of course crime can happen anywhere. I would say stay away from the central part of LV, west is ok, south is ok, east can be ok (the further east the better), and the same goes for north.

Hope that helps a little :)


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thank you so much vegas new grad!!! i really appreciate it.


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Hi there and good luck!!!

I live in NW Vegas and well .. I use to love it but with the economy things have gotten bad. I am not sure how they are everywhere else either. My Brother lives in the southwest and had his car stolen last night!!! We had our stolen last week ... I am not trying to freak you out but definitely do some research before you move wherever you move. With that being said, the neighborhoods are all nice, for the most part, I just think people are getting desparate with how the economy is right now.

I have heard great things about Green Valley though, so I'd definitely check that out.

Good luck!!!!!!@!


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I would recommend Green Valley as well. As for specific apartments, Adobe Ranch is nice, well kept with a nice heated pool. Stay away from Green Valley Country Club.. takes them months and many phone calls to fix anything. Those are the only ones I've had experience with. I'd stay away from just east of the strip, north vegas, and central.


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Does anyone have any other recommendations ? Preferably in the Henderson Area or near NSC ?


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Remington Canyon apt's are nice, or used to be a couple of years ago. Most apartments around Horizon Ridge, Stephanie, Gibson, area are all nice. (Those are street names) Stick in the 89074 zipcode and you should be ok.


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Canyon Villas in Summerlin is great. summerlin temperatures are generally 5-10 degrees cooler too. Also if you are looking in henderson area, Parkside villas is nice, its about a 15 min drive to NSC.

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