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Fall traditional BSN - Lynchburg College and SU



My daughter has just been accepted as a transfer student for the BSN program at Lynchburg College. She is so excited about this opportunity and is grateful to get a spot in their program for the Fall of 2013. We are also waiting to here from Shenandoah University in Winchester. Any feedback on either or both programs? She has completed two years of community college with pre nursing courses and is 20, so she is looking to complete the traditional BSN.

Thank you.

Hi! I am a senior BSN student at Lynchburg College, and I love it here! We had a 100% pass rate on our NCLEX/nursing boards this year, and I feel that our faculty has set-up this year's senior class to repeat the same results. We have a lot of hands-on training, as well as a lot of one-on-one support from faculty. Many of our students are like your daughter and have some background in healthcare, so our program is a great fit for those both just entering healthcare and those who have experience/a foundation. LC has a very well-rounded program, with a strong liberal arts foundation, which I feel has really enhanced my critical thinking skills as a nurse.

Thank you! I appreciate your kindness in responding. I have visited with my daughter, and all of the people we met were nothing less than professional and helpful in every way. I really like the aspect that the BSN program has a strong liberal arts component which makes for a very well rounded educational experience. I really like the smaller class sizes and faculty support. The pass rate on the boards is impressive...congrats to your classmates! I believe my daughter has decided to attend...the campus was beautiful! Again, thank you! I wish you the best of luck in finishing the program. Take care.

Hi lbigs,

Can you tell me about the clinical site locations and times? What days are they usually on, and what time frame? For ex. Tues & Thurs from 6 - 3pm. Are all your clinicals in Lynchburg or do you have to go to Roanoake or UVA? Any information regarding clinicals would be helpful. Oh and do you do any nursing home rotations? Thanks so much!


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I graduated from the BSN program at LC For Medical/Surgical clinicals we were primarily in Lynchburg for Psych/Mental Health, Peds, and Community Health we were also n Lynchburg (although I know a few people who had to travel to neighboring counties a couple of times for Community health). Second semester of senior year you can either be placed in Lynchburg for practicum or you could be placed at UVA, Martha Jefferson, Centra Southside (Farmville), or Carillion in Roanoke to name a few sites... However, you fill out a preference form and I think it accommodates nearly everybody. I liked the program at LC it prepared me well.

Thank you so much for responding. This is the first year they are doing the accelerated route. We basically are doing our sophomore classes over the summer. Very intense! Thanks. Any pointers for med surg, peds, test taking pointers? Any advice to be successful like you in this program?