Fall '11 Shelton State hopeful. Good Backup Schools?

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I am a pre-nursing student at Shelton State. I hope to enter the nursing program there in the fall (of 2011). Since they only select 50 applicants each year I am planning to apply to a couple of other programs here in Alabama that I could commute to if necessary as back-ups. Does anyone have any advice on what programs would be good choices or information on applications? So far, I am planning on applying to Bevill State and possibly Jeff State. I was told that every two year state school in Alabama will be using the same point system for admittance next year (which includes the TEAS V). I wonder, since they will all be using the same criteria, if there is much point in applying at many different schools? I guess some will be taking more students/or have less competitive applicants than others but since they are all using the same system it seems as though one would most likely either meet the criteria at most schools or not. Also I want to attend UA's bridge program after I earn my ADN and am working to continue my education and work toward my BSN, so I need the school to be one that is a state school or where my credits are likely to transfer. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Hi, I am a current nursing student at Shelton. I got in right before they started making the Teas V a part of the acceptance process but we had to take it at orientation. You should apply at Bevill and Jeff State. Also, have you thought about Lawson? You never know, it is all based on who applies. A couple of people in my class got in because someone didn't accept their spot. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good Luck to you!

I'm in my first semester of nursing at Bevill/Fayette. Love it! The points system is basically the same everywhere. I have been told the Teas V is now required statewide, Bevill required it this year (it wasn't that bad). Be careful about the application deadlines...they can vary widely by school. And make sure that they have all the required documents by the deadline or they won't consider you. It's very competitive at most schools so it doesn't hurt to apply at several and see what happens. Bevill took 80 this year. Good luck!!

Thanks for the replies. Sorry it took so long for me to respond. A&P and Chemistry are keeping me VERY busy so I haven't been on here very much. I'll look into all of those programs. I had considered Bevill in Jasper but since you mentioned it I realized Bevil Fayette is probably just as close. I have already taken the TEAs V this fall I did fairly well (82% adjusted). I'm planning to take it again this spring and hopefully score a little higher since I will have had more science classes. I guess I'll just keep plugging away, apply to a few schools that aren't an impossible commute and keep my fingers crossed.

Hey, just got my acceptance letter today for Shelton State Fall '11 ADN program. I'm so excited! Just seeing if anyone else on here also got accepted?


Congratulations! I haven't received anything from them yet. I've been anxiously checking the mail all week. I was displaced by the Tornado though so it usually takes an extra day or two for my mail to get forwarded.

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, my husband and I got very lucky and our house was untouched. It's all still so hard to believe. Hopefully something will come in the mail soon, that wait is so stressful! Best of luck, and let me know if you hear anything, hopefully we will be classmates.

I got my acceptance letter as well!! I was ss shocked!! I guess you will be attending orientation next week! :) Congrats!

Uriah28, congrats! I will definitely be at orientation! I look forward to meeting everyone, and getting started.

I still hadn't recieved anything in the mail so I went up there today and I'm in! I'm so excited! Congratulations everyone, I can't wait to see you all at orientation.

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