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Has anyone taken a human sexuality class would an honors class be unwise to take with Micro

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It's impossible to really give advice on the difficulty level of the courses and whether or not you should take them together based on your description. I would suggest asking for a syllabus for each course and realistically seeing if you can handle both. Human sexuality honors may require three essays and you're good at writing them and therefore it will be easy for you to balance. Or maybe it has three tests, an exam, a community project with essay, a group presentation, and a final paper.

Personally I loved my elective classes and I don't regret taking them at all. They've made me more well-rounded and I enjoy that. It helps me to relate to patients. Just make sure you put the nursing course as a priority. I dropped my Spanish minor because the courses were too rigorous for me with nursing - I personally couldn't balance it.

Good luck.


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If i get accepted ill have to take an intro to nursing no lab a chem class and a nutrition class and maybe an art class.How does that sound as a spring semester