Fall Prevention with Psychiatric Patient


Have a resident that has diagnosis of delusional disorder, auditory hallucinations, and extrapyramidal disorder. Normally is A&O x3. When resident has hallucinations res will get up from wheelchair and ambulate at fast pace. Is receiving Part B therapy along with walking by Restorative Aide. Has frequent falls during hallucinations/delusions. I have several fall interventions in place but need more ideas on fall interventions with a resident that has hallucinations/delusions. We do not use alarms or any kind of restraints in our facility.

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Hm... I can understand no restraints, but why no alarms?

Other than that, I really can't think of how your interventions would be

any different than any other resident with say, dementia.

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Our facility also does not use alarms. It can be frustrating at times. I guess for interventions look at soft touch call light you can place by hip while in bed, so if they try to stand the call light goes off. Non skid foot wear, put walker or w/C by bed so it is easier not to fall if they do get up. we had someone with psychosis recently we had to cover mirror it set off halluciantions. room by nursing station, and 1 to 1 supervision if up ambulating with hallucination or after multiple falls. If they have had several falls the best thing may be a 1 to 1 person. Although convincing manamgement may be like pulling teeth.