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Fall 2017 Baptist Health System San Antonio

Ashkat87 Ashkat87 (New) New

Hello all! I am starting this for Fall 2017 Baptist Health System San Antonio applicants! Please feel free to ask questions, share gpas and teas scores! Good luck!

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Hi! I am applying for Fall 2017 also. I am currently taking A&P II and Micro. So I don't have any info to share so far except an A in A&P I.

Hello! I applied back in January for the Fall 2017 semester. Due to me being in two prequisite courses, I won't know if I made it in after the final deadline due to transcripts taking forever (ugh). I am probably going to finish and apply with 2 B's in Micro and A&P1 and an A in A&P2. My TEAS score was an 85.3. I'm hoping the fact that I won't be considered until the final deadline won't harm me. Good luck to everyone applying and all you lurkers out there!

Hey! I just submitted my application. I'm very anxious to get my letter. Good luck to everyone else applying!!! :)

Hi! I applied for Fall 2017. Good luck to everyone applying (:

I applied as well. Good luck to y'all!

I have also applied for the Fall 2017 program. I am hoping to be considered for the priority deadline. I had two of my pre-reqs in progresss, the final grades will not be officially on transcripts until May 22.

Good luck to everyone!!

I am also worried about not making the priority deadline. I have A's in my pre-reqs and 91.7% on the TEAS

Hi everyone, I also applied for the Fall semester. I have a 4.0 in my prereqs. I've even completed all immunization, and CPR requirements already. A little anxious to find out if I've been accepted (I guess I would say I'm a little scared). Good luck to you all!!

The wait begins...

Again, good luck to everyone. Hope to see y'all in the Fall.

If anyone hears something, I would love to know.

How were everyone's GPA's and TEAS score?

This wait is killing me!

I got 4.0 GPA and 85.6 on the TEAS. Good luck to all of us(:

I have an A in both A&P classes and a B in micro; so a 3.67 GPA. My TEAS score I do not think is all the great :( but we'll see if it's good enough to be accepted. I didn't make priority deadline, because I had to wait for my A&PII grade to post and have transcripts sent over. Hopefully they make it there this week. Good luck to all!

I applied or I guess I should say I am applying. I take the TEAS in a week. I have As in A&P I&II and B in micro. Hopefully there will be room for late applicants 😯

I just got my acceptance letter!!!!!

I think I might apply to this school, as well as UT Health and SAC's program (though those are for Spring 2018 entry) I'm taking the TEAS on Tuesday. For their requirements, I have a 4.0.

Does anyone know the tuition without the general ed courses?

Good luck to those that have applied.

Did anyone else get a letter yet? I am in the evening/weekend program.

Was it an email or a letter?


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