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Failing 2 semesters

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When I began this program, the nursing exam average and class average both had to meet a 74%. Since failing fundamentals and not getting grandfathered into the change I now have to meet a new standing 77% for exam and class average. How can I excel in my other courses and even clinical but miserably fail nursing theory? Peds/OB has been the death of me. I just got my second OB exam back and it's my best exam grade this semester.. a 76% and it's still not passing. I walk out of the last two exams feeling confident only to do so poorly. Many of my exams were D's. I seriously thought OB was going to be my comeback from Peds and it wasn't. I was inconsolable for 2 days following my 1st OB exam and now all we have is the final left and I'm not stressing it because there is no way I am passing this semester. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong this semester. I study I even made a study guide objective list for the last exam to see if it would help me narrow my focus and it did not help me at all. I try note cards but most times I feel like it's a waste of my time. I really have questioned my whole life lately. I have an extensive amount of college loan debt with no way of paying it back. I have been in healthcare for years and I don't know what else I would do, this is my passion and what I strive for. I'm not a failure but lately I have felt like one, completely exhausted, burned out, and defeated. I am 33 yrs old, I have no children yet and I'd like to before I can't have any. I want to get my life together. But these exams are killing me. I bought the Saunders book to help me with exam test taking strategies. I sought out my instructor for help and I feel like I'm getting blown off a lot. I also sought out a Dr. of nursing for strategies with this and ATI. I just don't get it. I need advice, tips, tricks, strategies to get a handle on it. This will be the last time I can retake a nursing course. And I'm worried about not passing it again. I was told that they will have it this summer to retake in summer 1. And because we just had it, it should be easier to retake. Well I'm not going to lie I'm nervous as hell for as poorly as I'm doing. I also have micro scheduled with summer 1. I didn't want to have micro with 3rd semester as I hear the clinical paperwork is so extensive and ATI is a nightmare people in 3rd barely have time to study as is. I want to succeed. Please help me.

It sounds as if the pace or level of this program is not for you. If only there were a way to find a program where you could grasp, and test, the material at your pace.