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Failing a pre req?

by profrn25 profrn25 (New) New

I'm honestly devastated knowing that I'm failing may first year A&P this semester. I'm doing alright with Psychology and English so far. I honestly don't know what to do and I'm hopeless. I'm working 4 times a week which is my fault and now I can't concentrate studying. I'm scared that I'm going to have F or is it too late to withdraw the course because the class is over soon. Also how is it going to affect BCIT, Langara, Vcc about how I'm going to retake my A&P and GET a good mark? Is there possibilities there not going to accept me because of my first year A&P? Please help me I'm struggling and I just want to cry all night. I want to be strong and pursue my goal. It just I didn't focus properly and I will make sure when I retake it I will get a good mark

I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada!

Thank you guys in advance!

Hi there,

I'm currently in Langara's program and I know several people in the program who got accepted after retaking A&P, Langara just took the highest mark into account for the GPA calculation. I'm not sure about BCIT and VCC, but there's a Canadian Nursing Schools section on AllNurses (https://allnurses.com/canada-nursing-programs/) where there are posts about other nursing schools. From my reading of some BCIT posts, it looks like there are students have had to retake A&P to get a better grade.

Good luck next term!

@bigblonedun thank you so much for replying! And giving me hope literally refreshing this page hoping someone will reply. I just want to ask whats your gpa and your grades as well if thats okay? :)

I applied with a 3.8, but the pre-requisites have changed since my intake. There's a couple threads on more recent intakes in the link from my last post, where you can check out what students got in with for Fall 2016 and January 2017 :)