Failed TNCC written exam! Please help.


Hello all!

I'm an ER nurse and have been for a little over a year just a little older than being a new grad.

I took the TNCC course and it was a lot of information and I hear it's harder now than it was in previous years. Thankfully, I passed the TNP portion with flying colors, but the written was difficult! So much information was gone with only 50 questions to answer. Now, I have to re-Take the written exam. I get two weeks to study the chapters again, but I feel like it's so much information at once it's hard to remember everything.

I want to pass and be done with the certification, but I am nervous about failing again! I failed by just 2 questions, pretty crappy feeling.

Anyone have study guides or practice questions that are good to study from for the written exam? It would be super helpful!

I feel better knowing other nurses failed that were in practice for 5+ years so clearly the exam was difficult. I hope we all can pass the second time around.

Any help or advice would be amazing! Feeling a little down and doubtful at this point. 😕



A sad RN


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Did you have the same questions on your second attempt that you had on your first?