Failed TEAs V Reading Section...AGAIN!

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:sniff: it was by such a small percentage ...again...i just feel so embarassed. how can i fail reading comprehension??? i read all the time ...and i comprehend rather well. im not a dumb person, i got very decent scores on all the other sections---math and science were problem areas but i took the advice of the ati book, took the practice exams and proved that i can learn/re-learn the necessary material to get good grades. however, i just cant seem to pass the reading section, i always seem to run out of time on the actual proctored exam. now i have to wait another semester to gain admission (IFFFF i can pass on my last attempt of the TEAs V) or enroll in another school where i have to take other courses for pre-requisites before i get accepted into the program...they are much more intense then the school i wanted to originally go to... ugh...advice??

Did u buy the practice version of the TEAS exam that you do online? That really helped me bring my Reading Comprehension score up when I was practicing. When I used the book, I wasn't doing so good until I used the practice version. The only advice I can give you is to hang in there. Unless if you can't wait anymore, you might want to look into private schools. I wouldn't want anybody I know to go to private institutions. Their teaching curriculum may be effective, but the money the take from students, ain't no joke. Be of good courage.

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