Failed RN Residency Program, Now what?

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I completed 16 weeks of RN residency program, on the last day, they decided to let me go because apparently they said I was focused more on task oriented, although I prioritize patient safety first. My manager every day would get an update from me of how I did during the shift. At the end of the 16 weeks last day, they said "we don't know where you're at right now". Like WOW!? I always ask preceptors what I could done better every shift to improve myself, and I always give manager update on my shift and he decided to say that to me and let me go. So im like OK im not good fit for this unit anyway then. 
So my question is, if I apply to another residency program at another hospital. Should I tell them I got let go after 16 weeks of residency and would like to start again from my failure? Or should I lie to them that I completed my residency and decided to quit because I was not a good fit?  (but if I say this, wouldn't they think I'll be risking their money to train me?" 
What should I do? I got interview coming next week so should I tell them I got let go or lie about my completion of residency? (Which technically is kinda true) 

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You never want to lie for any interview. You can be honest and upfront if he/she inquires about your previous residency. Another option is to keep the details regarding the previous residency simple and only elaborate if the interview questions require it.

I'm not sure what unit you were on, but what did your managers and preceptors say you need to improve on? I used to precept back on the floor and new grads tend to have a full "task oriented" mind which is fine; however, doing nursing tasks is only 1 aspect of nursing. The other part of doing tasks is critically thinking about the next step, communicating with other staff, and working with the interdisciplinary team

OK well  now I'm scared what if they let me go ?

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