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I am a returning freshman into the nursing program and I just found out that I failed, again. I am so disappointed I do not know what to do. I am a single parent who has been going to school to become a nurse now it feels like it was all for nothing. I dont know what my options are. I have started to question myself and if I am suppose to be a nurse. All my financial aid, students loans, and time taken from my kids have come to this moment of defeat. The worse thing is that I was so close in passing.


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How did you do on all your pre-req's? And what class was it that you failed in? What school are you attending? When was the last time you failed and in what?

I think it really depends on your situation, if you've been doing great so far, but now all of a sudden failed, you probably just stressed out or were not prepared for what the program was going to be like. And that's fine. It can happen to anyone. Roll around in self pity for the rest of the day, then pick yourself up and try again. If you've been having a really hard time passing classes for a while, you might need to readjust your schedule and your study manners. If this is the hardest you've tried, then that's all you can do.

I really hope you'll figure it all out. Nobody can really help you with this. I wish you the best of luck though! And don't give up just yet!!


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Bless your heart! It is so hard to have wasted all your time. Maybe you did not pass, but you have learned a lot, I am sure! Look into other programs in your area. Could you get a job with the skills you have now? I know many students with working experience who had a bit of an easier time of it. Can you reapply to the same program after failing twice? Talk to the program directors and see what your options are. How about a paramedic program? Ultrasound tech? Radiology? Respiratory Therapy? Just suggestions. Best of luck to you.


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i'm sorry to hear about this. try to see if you can come back to the program. i know most programs do not let you come back after the second failure but write a letter of appeal to the dean of the program and request that they give you another chance. tell them you really want to do this. i know some people who did this after the 2nd failure, even third. just put your heart into the letter and be sincere.

okay on the side note, please try to re-evelauate what went wrong. find out what your weaknesses were and try to improve them. try to apply to another school. try lpn program (be aware though that lpn program is very difficult as well). have you thought about working in the hospital as a tech or cna? just try something and don't lose hope and never give up.

good luck to ya,



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Yes, and i am currently looking into it. But since then have become VERY discouraged. I attempted to appeal the decision based on the my final being disruptive. Basically there many incidents that took place that were very distracting, for me anyway. Without saying too much because of the area in which i live I will simply say that I have been going to school since 2004 and have never had to deal with the bs that we had to deal with that day. Regardless, what upsets me the upsets me the most is though i was denied, the director advised me to become a MA due to my anxiety. Can i just say, a major slap in the face!

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