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Hello everyone, hope all is well. I have never felt so low in my life. I feel like giving up on nursing. I completed my first semester and Made the deans list. I studied so hard for this test as well as my stats test and failed both. I can't get over this. Yesterday I couldn't eat anything I was nauseated and stared to vomit. I just couldn't handle 2 bad grades in one day, now my test for Mental health is Tuesday and I have lost all hope.........


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Noooooo! Don't lose hope! You are obviously very bright and for whatever reason, you've hit a bump in the road. Just a bump. Don't let two bad grades end your dream of becoming a nurse.

Try to do something for yourself that you enjoy that will help you to relax and take your mind off of those last two tests. Then, once refreshed, start plugging away at your next test. Success will lead to a renewed confidence in your abilities

and you will be on the upside of things in no time!

As much as it stinks, occasional bad events are part of life and you have to absorb them with as little negative impact as possible and forge ahead.

I made the mistake of giving up on my dream of becoming a Veterinarian b/c I got a bad grade in Organic Chemistry. I jumped the gun and convinced myself I'd NEVER get in to vet school and changed my major that semester. In reality, I could have just taken the course over in the summer but I was so blinded by the stress I could not think rationally.

Don't make that mistake. You can do this thing! This total stranger believes in you :-) ! And remember the old saying: "This too, shall pass".


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If the teacher will let you review your test, review it!! Figure out exactly what you missed and let he/she rationalize to you why. Study with someone who is doing well in the class and get them to explain their thought process of the situation. Do not give up. I failed a class 1st semester.. Guess what? I am in 4th right now! I am doing good so far! Dust off those knees, get back up, and go at it again! You will make it :)..


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Don't give up yet! You made it to nursing school which is already hard enough and now you're thinking about giving up? Change your studying style and review the test with the professor. Do whatever you can because it'll be worth it in the end!!! Good luck :)

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