Failed hesi practice


Failed hesi practice with 823 totally bummed :(

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What is the HESI practice? In my program we didn't have a HESI exit practice exam. We had the one exit exam, and if you failed, you did so many hours of remediation and then took it again.


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Its a practice test before the actual hesi exit.....take it 4/10 get two chances 4/17


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What practice test are you referring to? I did practice tests and scored 900 maybe twice....on real hesi I scored mid-1000's. Don't be bummed!


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But I will try for actual exit 4/10....If I buy it now will it be too soon?


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It's never too early to start preparing yourself. There are alot of questions, and it takes time to read the rationales and truly understand them.

I have to take the exit Hesi AGAIN....I was positive, I prayed, and I did questions but still failed it....another ks.....advice please? I am needing this passing grade of 850 or more in order to take boards....HELP!!!!


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What exactly are you having problems with? Content of the question or are you just not sure how to answer the questions?

The HESI is simular to the NCLEX exam and the best indicator on your success of passing the NCLEX the first time. In order to pass the HESI, you MUST be at the level where you are asking yourself "Why" is this happening to the pt.


Question: A pt returns from a liver biopsy, you would place them in what position?

Answer: Right side.

Rationale: applies pressure to the liver so the and prevents hemorrage...

Question: A client receiving a blood transfusion begins tocomplain of chills.

What is the FIRSTaction the nurse should take?

Answer: Stop the infusion

Rationale: Pt is having an adverse reaction to the transfusion which could be r/t the wrong blood type being infused. You would D/C the infusion and call the doctor.

I would suggest going to and complete those questions that are very similar to what you could get on the actual HESI. Other than that, just breathe and expose yourself to as many HESI or NCLEX related questions as possible. Take notes on the rationales, make note cards, do whatever you need to make sure you KNOW the information!

Best of luck to you and hope this helps.


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hey i know this might be late not sure but the hesi is a beast and tip that saved me when i prepared was kaplan yes kaplan, if you cant afford the kaplan then i would advise getting the kaplan strategy book [h=1]Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2012-2013 Strategies, Practice, and Review WITH CD-ROM (Kaplan Nclex-Rn Exam) [Paperback[/h]you can buy it on amazon. assuming you have mastered the content which is a must for the hesi then you need to be able to critical think and kaplan provides great strategy once you have the content mastered.