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Failed by my Exit HESI by one point


So last Tuesday I had my first attempt at taking the Exit HESI in which I got a 657 and I took it again the following Thursday and I feel I was prepared for it however; when my instructor said "I have to talk to the program director and interim president about the score" I started questioning it so I looked and it was an 849 one point away from the acceptable level of 850. Kinda weird how my conversion score was higher than in the catalog of 75% however; I knew that that 850 was the required number to get to pass the Exit HESI and the program. After advocating on my behalf by my instructor I was given the choice that seems only right of repeating the entire term which is 3 months all over again. Should I personally talk to the program director at this point? My thinking is no. Any suggestions or tips?

Molemedic, MSN, RN, EMT-P

Specializes in Emergency Medicine. Has 12 years experience.

If you are going to go to the director you need to have a reason as to why you believe a third attempt without remediation is the best option. I know repeating 3 months is not ideal but it really is better than being dismissed from the program.

rn_patrick, NP

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What happened that you went up 200 points in 9 days? That's a huge bump up in scores. Were you coming in from working an overnight when you first tested? That would be the first question if I was in the director's shoes.

Secondly what is your GPA and your grasp of the material? Would your professors rate you as a strong student with a good grasp of the material? This if they even consider it would be key. Are you an A student or a C+ student? Are you seen as someone who struggles with the content?

Is it three months starting now, or three months next year starting in Fall 2017 for whatever class you failed? Like Molemedic said they could fail you out completely.

The other thing is your professor already went to the Director and got you a retake of the class. You followed chain of command which is very important in this field, and got your answer. If you are considering going to the director good politics is going to the instructor first and asking their opinion. You also may get the feedback of "This is your best offer, take it or get out."

Finally the director's hands may be tied. For reasons of liability and equality the cut off is the cut off. It's in the handbook, it's written down. The schools policy might dictate what has to be done and followed.

Update: I'm repeating the term effective December 13th and that's 13 weeks (three months). I'm very fortunate that they didn't just dismiss me completely and deemed me eligible to repeat the term. I'm just wondering now what the instructor will have me do as I have completed the program hours between lecture and clinicals.

rn_patrick, NP

Has 14 years experience.

Sounds fair. They will tell you what to do. Not the first and not the last time this happened.

Sounds fair. They will tell you what to do. Not the first and not the last time this happened.

Oh okay. I'll remain open on what the instructor would like me to do because I even expect myself to give it just as much effort as I did the first time around. My instructor from the first time has told me that those that have came back and re-took the term has passed. I'm just glad that I was eligible to re-take the term. If I hadn't I would have to start all over and I'm not sure if I'll have the motivation to start from square one.