failed the crne to cope with it


well i am new to this forum and sad to say i didnt pass the exam, I am upset and depressed right now. Can somebody give me an advice how to make it right this time. I am planning to take the june exam and I am a little bit confused on where to focus my weakness is critical thinking.......anyone....anyone:twocents:


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What did you use to study? I don't want to recommend stuff you've already done

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can you give me an advice or tips on how to improve my study and to pass the exam...i am really nervous right now

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First of all don't torture yourself much more than I am sure you already have. It's done, history, and your goal now is to study and pass the June CRNE. People fail this exam, it's tough - several of my class didn't pass the CRNE first round, but they are still talented, smart, excellent nurses that I would allow to take of me or my family anyday.

Get the CNA's CRNE practice book with CD. It gives you a good idea of the format of the questions and subject matter that they will test you on. I believe that there are also additional resources available on the CNA website for CRNE-prep.

There is a book by Janice Henty similar to the Mosby's book for the NCLEX. It's thick and very in-depth. I tried to get through it prior to my CRNE in 2006, but ran out of time and switched to my pathophysiology, pharmacology books and general nursing texts in the last week.

The best advice I can give you though, that may seem obvious to so many, but meant a lot to me, is to understand what you are learning, rather than just memorizing the facts. Explain things to your family, pets, whoever will listen - why this happens, what that means, and what you would do as a nurse. My dog knows a lot about cardiology and pediatrics :) He could identify unstable angina in an instant!

What do you feel is an area that you could improve on from the last exam? Community nursing, pediatrics, medications? Start out there maybe, because the other areas you felt stronger in may only need a quick review.

See if there is a course in your area that provides a CRNE review. A few of my class did a course with Kaplan I think (not sure) that was a week long and reviewed all the systems etc. They enjoyed it and said that it was helpful. It's not cheap, but may be worth the investment.

Good luck! Go in there confident and you'll be just fine.

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