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failed cna skills exam

:crying2: Has anyone ever failed the CNA skills exam? I feel so stupid and ashamed right now. I had to perform hand washing, modified bed bath, ambulation, ROM (shoulder) and measure urinary output. I failed urinary output. I just mis-read the measurer. I can't believe I did something so stupid and careless! I passed the other skills...not like that matters now. I know I can re-take it...I'm waiting to hear back from my instructor now about re-scheduling...it's just such a let down. This of course holds up my certification. Has this happened to anyone? If so, how soon were you able to take the test again? Thanks everyone!

dont worried yourself about it. you pass the next time. even the best of us makes mistake sometimes.

It was probably just nerves that made you read the urinary output wrong. I'm in nursing school and not getting my CNA, but I had the hardest time doing vitals in front of my teacher. Both my partner and I were so nervous our BPs were through the roof and we couldn't get an accurate reading on each other. Just try to relax a bit because you get another chance. I'm sure your instructor realizes it was just nerves. Good luck on next time!

Yeah, I was very nervous. I almost felt like taking the exam was more difficult than doing it for real in clinical practice. Having someone standing over me grading my every move was nerve wracking! And I wasn't really nervous leading up to test day, but once I got in there and got started I went blank. Thanks though, I know I'll get thru it.

I'm sorry you did not pass your test. It's so hard to try and relax when they are standing there looking at you. You'll get it!

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