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Failed CNA Skills Exam

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Hi, everyone. I'd use an exclamation point but I'm currently bawling my eyes out.

I took a CNA class in June through a technical college down the road. It was paid for by the county because I am part of an apprenticeship program. The biggest part of it is that I get to leave school an hour and a half early to go to work. I lined up a job with the best nursing home in town (it's like the Ritz Carlton for 86 year olds!) before I even started the class. I did my work orientation there and everything... they said I will be put on the schedule the moment I pass my CNA exam!

Well, after working myself to death, giving up what was left of my summer social life, and waiting a month and a half after finishing the class (with a 98 average, may I add), I failed my CNA skills exam.

Last night, I got home late (it was out of my control), then I had to wake up at 4:15 am this morning to drive 2.5 hours to the test site. Then I took the written part (passed, of course), waited for EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS (!!!!!!!!) and FINALLY took my skills exam with an equally jittery boy my age. I did everything flawlessly except for the bedpan skill. Those stupid gloves!!!! My brain went blank, and I just didn't think about changing gloves and stuff for an EMPTY bedpan and a clothed patient! Of course in a real situation, I would have perfect technique. I'm so angry at myself for making such a seemingly trivial but actually serious mistake.

I was supposed to begin my training on the floor in 2 days, but now I have to call my boss and tell her that I failed. I'm so afraid that she is going to lose confidence in me. Also, I have to reschedule the test, and I might have to miss a day of classes to do it.

This was my one and only goal this summer, and I failed. Big bold letters: F A I L. Like a punch to my snotty, puffy face.

Thanks for reading. Can someone give me advice?

Hello catecna, I am a fellow young CNA.

I am sorry to hear that your skill didn't go so well. You seem like a very smart person, and that tiny mistake should not define you as a person and your capability as a CNA.

Before you retake it, I recommend practicing the skills on family members, or friends. It really helps.

I know you are feeling down now, but you will go in testing even more confident!

Good luck, I know you will do amazing.


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