Failed Anatomy Lab.


I really should be angry at my self. Few weeks ago, I had a B/C in this class, to receiving an F. I was four points away from a D and still received an F. BTW, this is my third attempt. First time, withdrew(since, they are prerequisites), you must withdraw from both. This time around received a B in lecture. Due to failing, Lab, Anatomy 2 with Lab got dropped from summer. Luckily, I was able to pick up lab again. I graduate in December and I have Micro & Anatomy 2 left.

Now, before, I had a strong feeling, I was going to fail Lab and began going around to colleges about my options left. Originally, I did think I would earn a D. they told me,if I received a D, don't even apply. I'd definitely get rejected for Fall. Possibly accepted for Spring.

Ever since Last semester, I've been struggling after serious crisis and wanted to change my major. but, it seems as if, everyone around me is rooting for me and has more hope in me, than I have for myself. SO, I think I'll give another GO.

Last semester withdrew from A*&P 1, got a C in chemistry with Lab, Math(Liberal arts)this semester got a C in Nutrition & Statistics

**But, I did just also got Certified in CPR**

But, my god, I got an F! so, I was wondering what are much of my options? I need some good advice. I was going to go for the BSN route. but, it seems like I might have to switch to LPN Route.

Two options. What do you guys think?

Continue with my prerequisites and go the LPN route at a Tech school(it's actually a very good one), I am just not too fond of the class schedules. But, my friend's mom actually graduated from there, she's in LPN, very good comments, my friend went there for medical assisting, and I've seen a couple threads on here about the school.

*Option two**

Continue with my prerequisites and take all the classes I received a C in over and apply to BSN programs and hopefully, I get accepted, then I'd be graduating next May instead of this December.

Any advice? thanks


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You may want to think about Private RN school. Most state schools are going to requiring a highly competitive GPA and many penalize your admission if you have retaken classes. LPN is a good option bc there is always a bridge program, but they are still going to require A&P. private schools are super expensive, but they require less to get in. Try and figure out why you aren't passing these classes. Is it a memorization thing. A&P labs are a lot if memorizing stuff. I had cadaver lab so we had to look as real muscle and tell the name and its connections. Tough! Good Luck!