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Failed AANP Today

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I just failed the AANP today. I read all of the Leik book, listened to all of the APEA tapes, answered over 2,000 questions on ExamEdge, about 150 questions from the Leik mobile app and answered about 1,800 questions from the APEA Qbank in about 2 months. Words can't express the shock, anger, depression, and embarrassment I feel. I don't even know what to do to even "prepare" or even if I even want to retake the exam. I graduated with honors and have never failed anything in my life and yet, that exam was the most exasperating and difficult thing I've ever taken. My test consisted of a large amount of derm questions followed by gero, ENT, then peds. The first question was something like this "A patient presents with redness, swelling and tenderness of the face. What is your diagnosis?" I have no clue from the choices which were: erysipelas, roseola, scarlatina, or measles. How about, none of the above? I chose erysipelas just as a guess because the information was so limited. Wow! The entire test was full of questions like these or very long questions that took a lot of time to even read! Does anyone have any suggestions if I decide to retake?

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No advice but wanted to express my condolences. As you can tell from searching threads here you aren't the first this has happened to and many go on to be successful with their second attempt.