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So I am looking for some insight after failing the AANP exam today. I have studied for the past month using holliers review along with the apea qbank unlimited questions and completed them ALL with the rationale. I took the APea predictor exam twice and passed it with 84 and 88 and passed the examination on the PSI website.

I walked into the examination confident and comfortable and walked out thinking what just happened. A lot of the content I had not seen before which is disappointing because the hollier review is supposed to be the top of the line.

Any help would be great

I am very sorry to hear that. I took AANP this morning as well and I completely agree that there were a lot of abstract questions I wasn't expecting on an entry-level primary care exam. I was certain that I failed, and was shocked when she handed me the paper that said "PASSED."

I did feel that Barkley's review was very helpful - I used his CDs and study guide. There are no practice questions included but I felt he did a great job of going over all the material. I would also recommend purchasing the practice questions for $50 that are offered on the AANP website, because they are formatted very similarly to what is on the exam. Good luck to you and don't give up!

Thank you.

Ill try Barkleys. I did the AANP questions and passed that. I guess the reason I am so lost is because I was passing all the predictor exams and felt like I knew so much information going in.


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