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I'm at CSN and they accept 134 students, I believe after the first semester we were down to almost half of that. I think our class is getting used to the boot camp like atmosphere. I know that CSN has a really high NCLEX pass rate that they are too proud to let go of so my assumption is that they are trying to weed out what they consider the bad apples. Unfortunately they way that some of these schools weed out students is sometimes unfair, I feel like they may have excelled in their nursing careers if they had been given a better chance in school. Don't feel like you were sole victims though--actually a lot of schools have that 100% Math test. We have it every semester as well, we are allowed to get 1 wrong, but I know that is not specific to the school, it is an NLN requirement. So is the 75% test/exam pass rates.

If it is your dream to be an RN though, I would take that high GPA to Orvis and go the distance. Good luck!

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