if i fail the nclex-rn can i apply for a temporary class nursing license in ontario


Hello Everyone!

I am a Canadian citizen who was trained as a nurse in the UK. It has taken me a year to go through the process with the NNAS and finally I have received their recommendation of how I compare to a Canadian educated RN. I have been very lucky and have only been asked by the CNO to take the Jurisprudence Exam and the NCLEX-RN Exam.

I have since passed the Jurisprudence exam and am now studying the take the NCLEX-RN.

My question is about the Temporary Class Licensing in ON. I know that I can apply for it if I have a job offer and I am waiting to take the exam. But I want to know what happens if I take the exam, fail and then want to apply for a Temp Class License? Ideally I want to pass my exam on the first try but if I don't pass my contingency plan would be to get a job as an RN on the Temp Class License whilst studying for my 2nd attempt.

Does anyone know if this is feasible? Has anyone had a similar experience?

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The CNO revokes the temporary licenses of applicants who fail their first NCLEX attempt, it's unlikely that they would grant a temporary licence to an applicant who had previously failed their first NCLEX attempt. The rules are in place to protect the public and both the CNO and a potential employer may question the ethics of an applicant who tries to circumvent the rules of the temporary license agreement.

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Have you received a job offer from an Ontario employer who is willing to apply for a temporary class license? I'd be surprised because it doesn't seem like there is need for employers to hire IENs with temporary licenses in the current surplus job market.


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Thanks for the info. No, I haven't relieved a job offer yet as I haven't started looking. I'm focusing on studying for the NCLEX-RN because I want to pass on my first attempt. I was just hoping that I could have a back-up plan if I didn't pass as I have just quit my private sector job in order to study full time and can't afford to be out of work for longer than a month.

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That's a good idea to focus solely on studying for the NCLEX. How much time do you have before you write the exam? how many hours a week are you studying? Have you looked at the links on CNO to the NCLEX-RN resources? One of the links is to the NCSBN's learning extension and gives suggested study plans, for example; if you have 3 weeks to study they recommend studying at least 27 hours per week, if you have 5 weeks to study they recommend studying at least 16 hours per week.


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If you have a job offer where an employer is willing to apply for a Temp License, why not just do NCLEX a bit later?

If you attempt & fail nclex, CNO won't grant you the temp license