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Hi fellas,

I have a question. I'm from China and yes, I don't have a greencard or PR currently. I'm in a BSN program and will be graduated by the end of next year. I'm just wondering when should I start applying for jobs or interns? Right after I got my RN license? Anyone going through the same thing here? What about OPT? What are the chances for me to get a job as a RN? I'm not picky about my first job, let it be in the nursing home or small clinic...



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You need to check with your student advisor but you need to apply for OPT several months before you graduate. See how things are then but currently pd for someone born in China is Oct 2012 so you will need to maintain legal residence whilst waiting for visa to be current once you find employer willing to go the immigrant route. This date can move up and down in years? Also I believe if you do not get a job within a certain period of time ( couple months) it becomes invalid

I also was an international student and I graduated from an ADN program back in 2010. I applied for OPT and since I had no choice I grabbed whatever I could get. I found ALL of my jobs on Craigslist. I was a flu-shot nurse, I worked in Home Health for a month and finally I found a job at a big hospital (yes, through Craigslist). The job at the hospital is not a typical nursing job, I work in Clinical Research, but as a foreign student you need to find a niche. I got my H1B through this niche.

Good Luck

What is a niche?

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