Hi guys!

I need a little help understanding the difference between and externship and internship. I also have no idea how to look for these opportunites!

Can anyone lead me a place to start?

Im also looking into the VA VALOR Progeam but I dont think it's offered in Tucson.

Again, any help is appreciated! Thanks!

An internship is typically linked to school in that it is a program requirement or you get some school credit in some fashion. Internships are typically paid working positions.

Externships are generally not linked to school in any fashion and outside of nursing are generally not paid. Instead of a paid working position like an internship these are supposed to be job shadowing opportunities. Within nursing externships are generally treated like how everyone else treats internships, paid working positions.

When I had my externship I was only eligible due to my current status as a hospital employee. If you get one hold onto it for dear life, they are excellent opportunities.

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My experience was different than the above poster.

I had an externship during school in which I was paid to function as a PCT at a local hospital and afforded opportunity to attempt nursing skills with supervision.

After I graduated I was hired into a paid internship as a new grad nurse. That lasted 8 weeks and resulted in a full time nursing position.

I think you will find the definitions vary either by region or by entity.


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Thanks you guys! I appreciate the information. I am trying to find summer opportunities but they appear to be lacking in Tucson and most I find are listed in PHX. Are there websites or sources that could help me better locate these programs?