Externship or Not prior to 2nd Nursing level????


anyone do externship in the summer prior to their 200s level nursing?

do you guys recommend for it?

does it do any good?

Some people still do fine without the externship exp...


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In our program (BSN) we cannot extern until after we finish our second semester (1st clinicals). I began as soon as it was available to us and I wouldn't do it any other way. You cannot buy the experience you get as an extern! I don't know how those who don't can graduate, take the NCLEX and walk onto the floor feeling anywhere ready to take on patient care, even with their preceptor. My humble advice, if you have a chance to extern, DO IT!!

I highly suggest taking an externship opportunity. Where I live you can only apply for an externship after your first 2 semesters.

I took an externship last may on a maternity floor and I am going to be graduating in May and I have already received a job offer from the hospital I work at - specifically for the unit I am externing on. To get into OB straight out of school would have been impossible had I not taken the externship.

Good Luck!! :yeah:

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